Godzilla - PS4

Godzilla - PS4
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Godzilla - PS4

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ManufacturerBandai Namco
Genre(s)Action-Adventure, FightingAction-AdventureFighting

Product Features:
  • Bash your way through each stage to take out the Energy Generator and proceed to the next area. Be sure to smash as many other buildings in the stage as possible to maximize your G-Energy
  • Players can choose to view the action with a special Movie-Style Camera Angle System. Choosing this camera angle switches the camera view to special, pre-set locations on the map. Players can switch to the special camera points, and control Godzilla as seen just like in the movies!
  • Mission Mode Crush your way through over 20 stages of mayhem!; Diorama Mode - Build the Godzilla scene of their dreams!; King of Monsters Mode Its a time trial of chaos!
  • Collect G-Energy in each stage to Power-Up your Godzilla! Grow Godzilla from 50 up to 100 Meters tall. Godzillas defensive and offensive prowess will increase in line with his size. Your Godzilla will also learn new skills, and you can power up his heat ray as well!
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Get ready for an explosive and destructive return of the worlds favorite radioactive behemoth as it makes its way on PS3 and PS4 consoles! Godzilla The Game is an action adventure game that is developed as a throwback to the classic Godzilla films of the 50s and onwards, using screen tints, tokusatsu which is a (style of special effects), and other graphic techniques. Play as Godzilla himself and make the cities your battlefield as you face off against a roster of familiar enemies!Control the giant monster and finish 20 stages of mayhem as players turn the urban environment into a complete wreckage! Collect all the G-Energy in each stages to power up Godzillas offensive and defensive powers making him grow to over a 100 meters high and even make him fly!